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Meet Emily Yeh

To begin my story about how God led me to serve in Faith Kids, let’s rewind to December 9, 2018. That was the day we found out my mom had stage 4 lung cancer. She was previously healthy and had never smoked a day in her life. My mom was my best friend, and to say I was devastated by the news would be an understatement.

When COVID hit, our family went into strict isolation in order to protect my mom. My husband and I homeschooled our young son, minimized in-person contacts, and watched church sermons virtually. This strict isolation lasted from the start of COVID until my mom passed away in Spring 2022.
As we returned to in-person community at Faith Bible, I was deeply grieving and barely holding it together. I intended to serve at some point, but I honestly thought I needed to “get it more together” before formally volunteering. However, going to church was a big adjustment for our son after living in isolation for so long, and God led me to serve in Faith Kids, where I could also be near my son.

Serving in Faith Kids has been a tremendous blessing. Being around the children has lifted some of my heaviness in unexpected ways. Building connections with the kids and helping them learn about God has been endearing and gratifying. Finding a ministry of the Faith Bible that I feel I am a part of and contributing to, has given me a sense of belonging and purpose. I am regularly reminded of the impact Faith Kids has on the children as I see my own son now enjoying kids church and eagerly retelling the Bible stories and singing the praise songs at home.
If you think that you are not in the right place in life or don’t “have it together” enough to serve, I want to encourage you that you do. God can use you, right where you are, wherever you are, even in your toughest seasons. In the process, you just might find your own heart being changed for the better.
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