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Meet Connor Ramirez

Growing up I was fortunate enough to be in a Christian household. I was taught from an early age by my parents that Christ was at the center of our lives and was instilled with the morals and values that ultimately bring praise to our Creator.

But then you get older and start hanging out with new friends, taking up new hobbies, and developing your own way of thinking and living. This led to others influencing me and my way of living shifted to where sports among other thing were riding shotgun with me driving. I was only focused on what brought me instant gratification. God took a backseat.

It wasn't until a major sports injury in college took me out of the game and made me realize sports could be taken away in an instant. I gave up what I loved in order to get back on track with having a relationship with God. I knew I had to be in an environment that helped me grow in my faith.
Luckily, I was recruited for college at a Christian university and surrounded myself with strong individuals who poured into me and helped guide me to where I needed to be spiritually. Life was finally lining up for me. I finally made an effort into not just being a "Christian" but actually having a relationship with Christ.

I fell in love with my best friend which led to getting married and starting a new family of my own. Looking back on how I lived my life, I want to instill what I was taught as a kid and have Christ at the center our children's lives.

Faith Bible has been such a blessing to our family. The beliefs and foundations of this church are exactly what we as parents have been longing to find.

We get to do life and grow in our walks of faith with other families in the exact same stage of life and are able to pour into each other because of that. I'm excited to see what God does in this stage of life as we parent our children to bring honor and praise to Christ.
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