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Meet Terri Pepper

God’s been teaching me a lot the past few months.  I’ve been in a period of waiting.  (Waiting is not something I do well...) But I am waiting none the less, all because I did something that I clearly heard God tell me to do.  It wasn’t an easy thing, and so far it hasn’t gone like I’d imagined it would or could.

As I was struggling with emotions that come with waiting (self doubt, feelings of inadequacy, fear and all those other spiritual mind games Satan tries to play with you), God has reminded me of two important lessons.

First, the only one who gets to define who I am and what I can or cannot do is God. I literally taped verses around my house that are there to affirm in my spirit who GOD says I am. No one has the AUTHORITY to place a “label” on me but Him.  

Second, and just as important, sometimes the outcome isn’t as important as the obedience. When I did this thing God clearly told me to do, I pictured in my mind a clear outcome.  A conclusion.  A picture of several "what ifs" coming to fruition.  But that has yet to happen.  No yes or no, no conclusions, just waiting.  

But God reminded me of Abraham this week. Abraham, who willingly placed Issac on the alter not knowing another sacrifice would be available. And the Israelites, who faithfully walked around Jericho’s massive walls, SILENTLY, every day. And three young men who refused to worship anyone other than God, even when faced with a fiery furnace. And the only thing that mattered was obedience.

Obedience that says....

“God, this isn’t what I had pictured, but I trust you enough to do as you ask.”

“God, this is scary, and I’m really afraid of what’s next, but more than that - I want to please and be pleasing to You.”

“God, I don’t like this situation, but I love You and know You love me more. So I’m yielding my wants and wishes to Your even mightier will and way.”

So to my fellow waiters, I encourage you (while I remind myself), trust Him.  

The waiting just may be a lesson in obedience that we're learning.
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