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Meet Rod Kelly

My story begins even before me....with my parents. Blue collar workers that didn’t finish high school and only attended church for Easter. I was 10 years old when my father died at the age of 48, from Glioblastoma. Thus leaving my mother to care for myself and my brother. She had to work low wage jobs to pay for bills and put food on the table.

We had just moved to a new city for my father’s job right before he became ill, so there were no friends, family, and obviously no church support. I remember being angry with God for our situation, but at the same time not knowing Him or really anything about Him.

I met my wife, Mandy in high school, and we married during my third year at university. I owe it all to her for her gentle leading of me towards God and my ultimately receiving His much needed grace and salvation during college.

Coming from a poor upbringing I was driven by the need to “get ahead” and have the “things” I didn’t have while growing up. A recurring irrational fear of mine was being old and not having food to eat, go figure!

Beginning in 7th grade, I’d always had a summer job. That continued during high school and university to help fund my higher education, along with Mandy working full-time to support us as I pursued an engineering degree.

We ended up spending multiple years living outside of the USA as well as me traveling the world for my job, going to places I had only read about in books. These experiences made me very much appreciate the blessings that God has bestowed upon the citizens of the USA, a stable democracy, the freedom to worship God, and a place where no one need go without food/water/shelter...all things we often take for granted.

The sanctification road is often a rocky one for many of us, but it’s also a time to learn and re-calibrate what you know to be true with a foundation continually built on His Word. Our journey took us on a lot of those rocky roads as I tried to balance “getting ahead” with living according to God’s Word.

I always wanted to have my own company and although it was many years of waiting, God provided that in 2012. He also provided the amazing opportunity to work alongside my two sons-in-law. Traveling for work ended thus providing me more time with Mandy, our two daughters, and grandchildren. Since retiring, yet still a work in progress, I seek to sprint towards His kingdom with open arms.
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