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Meet Judy Bice

In November of 2021, I moved to The Woodlands from Covington, GA to be near my daughter (the Osterman’s). Since my daughter and her family attend Faith Bible, I have made my home here.

I have loved Jesus since I was a child. I couldn’t wait to get to Sunday School each week to see the new picture we were going to study. His love was always so real to me. The preacher loudly preached hellfire and damnation each Sunday, so I made sure that I walked the aisle, proclaimed my commitment to Jesus, was baptized and freed of that bondage. It wasn’t long after when I realized the true gift of salvation.

Years later, God led my husband and me to help plant a church in our community. We started with nothing but faith that God wanted this church. Little did we know what God had in store for us. Our church became a “seeker church." We drew people from all walks of life who desperately needed a Savior. People visited who had tried everything else in life, had found no satisfaction, and decided to try our church.

Our church counselors helped us understand what people were going through, and God taught us about His grace. I visibly saw lives changed because of that amazing grace as people began to feel loved, valued, and redeemed.

Planting a church taught me to always value others, because we never know the life they had to live. It is better to show God’s grace rather than judgment to others. However, the best lesson I learned is that God's love is for me, too.

Church planting was the most life changing experience in my Christian life. I’ll always be thankful.
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