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Meet Brianna Lewis

One thing I know for sure - God has always had a purpose for me. Whether I strayed from Him or walked with Him, He has always been there leading me to do things I normally felt unqualified to do.

Growing up, my family called ourselves Christians, but we didn’t practice it. I didn’t understand what being a Christian meant. I had no idea who God was or the significance of Him creating and loving me.

By the time I was a young adult, I was spiraling down a dark path. It wasn’t long before I found myself lost and confused as a single mom and in the middle of a massive drug addiction. Every glimmer of hope I may have had in God was long gone, and I even denied His existence. Shortly after, I nearly died from a self-medicated drug overdose. But God.

In a vision of what I would later understand as a near-death experience, I saw Satan and felt the power of ascension when God pulled me up from the grips of Hell. Despite my sins and denial of Him, God saw a reason to save me.

Gratefully, I acknowledged God’s presence in my life and began reading the Bible. I was baptized and then began attending Faith Bible Church with my family. I almost immediately became involved in the children’s ministry, along with many others, and have served in different settings for ten plus years now. I found great joy in helping others throughout the church and community.

I am enrolled at Grace School of Theology, aiming for a degree in Biblical studies with a minor in Chaplaincy. My heart felt strongly pulled towards this specific path in order to be an instrument of God, using what I have experienced for the greater good of others. Unfortunately, I had to take a break from school last fall. However, when one door shuts, another one opens. God showed me that He is still pursuing me.

I was invited to help serve in the Parenting Kids Life Group as a chaplain. Serving has helped me grow closer to Christ. It has shown me what He is pursuing me for. It has also strengthened my walk with Him immensely. Through prayer, I can see where He is leading me, what He wants me to do in His kingdom, and how I can use my testimony and spiritual gifts to help others. That is the greatest blessing, knowing that all I have been through is for a Greater Purpose.
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