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Meet Zach Cadwallader

It’s interesting when you finally figure out that Fear, and Performance to the safe standard of those around you, has been a controlling agent in your life. That was me.

I first heard about Albania in 2011 during a Missions Sunday. I can remember thinking this specific group of people seemed to have “tried it all” in regards to political and religious pursuits and had settled on apathy and hopelessness.

I have learned for Albanians that invasion, disunity, Islam, and Christian Orthodoxy, has been experienced in some aspect since the 1400s. During communism and mandated Atheism from the 1930s, they would throw you in jail or torture/kill you for having a Qur’an, Bible, or map.

Those in charge exploited their own people and complete generations lived under a blanket of fear, manipulation, and violence. This is something I have never known here in the Bible belt of the U.S.

It took seven years and many unchosen life changes, but I went to Albania in 2019 as a part of Faith Bible’s English camp outreach. This trip started to bring different truths into light. I saw that the many truths and beliefs I take for granted are not standard for others.

Missions is relationships and those relationships CONSTANTLY happen around us and in different circles and spheres. We choose to “set the table,” take the time to have a conversation that might be uncomfortable, but that brief discomfort or temporary rejection might change someone’s life forever.

Locally and globally I have seen that some have the ability and resources to reach out to Jesus because of where they live and who they know. Others do not know or have the ability to do this. I have seen that God’s placement in my family as the oldest brother has prepared me in many ways I was never aware of. I also have a calling to encourage and work with younger men to help them see more freedom in Christ from addiction and fear.

If He wants to use my story to help others know abundance, I am all in.

In 2022 I got to go to Albania for 73 days. I have the availability to go back again this year and will be there for 5-6 months starting in April. I am praying that God would help me recognize my need for Him. That I would hear and obey more and more. That he would use the discipleship of those in church, my parents, and life experiences through me to help others. That I would abide to yield more fruit, ask the Helper, the Holy Spirit, for Help more and more and that I would no longer play life safe.

Have you lived life safe?

Do you ask the Helper for Help?

Who will you be around this week who does not know Jesus?

Would you be willing to ask the Holy Spirit to use you in their life?

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