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Meet Aaron Trott

I am fascinated with redemption. This fascination encompasses a broad range of areas including spiritual things, fixing “stuff”, and up-cycling. One of my favorite past times is to turn rotting wood into beautiful objects that combine function and art. A big part of this is just discovering the beauty that is hidden within the rough, ugly exterior.

My intrigue with redemption is intensified because of my spiritual gifts of shepherding and encouragement. I love to be part of helping people and things to become better through words and actions. However, there can be a dark side – even to redemption – when I am not listening to The Shepherd.

I spent years trying to be God or Superman to others by helping them beyond any human's ability to sustain. It turns out that I am neither God nor Superman. The result of my misguided efforts is that I wore myself out, and I am still in the process of allowing God to rejuvenate me.

However, God has been faithful to redeem even my own misguided redemption efforts. He sustains me daily. He has also used many people in my life who have encouraged me with kindness, wise words, scripture, and books. He is teaching me to listen to him – The Shepherd – more intently as I seek to minister to and shepherd others. My efforts have much better results when I follow the pattern of Him who is the ultimate shepherd and redeemer.

One of the most beautiful things about my journey of redemption is that God is turning my rough and ugly parts into the most beautiful and functional parts of his plan for me – just like in woodworking.