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Homeschool Helps

In a matter of days, our preschoolers through college students have become students at home, online, in distance learning and with homeschool parents. This is unprecedented in our era. And it presents new challenges that we are forced to meet.

While we cannot and will not attempt to answer all of the questions here, what we want to do is provide at least a start for new homeschooling parents in our church family and community with some helpful resources.


Try to find joy in this time by taking some of the pressure off. You do not have to become a professional teacher or education expert. It’s okay. Continue to be a parent and love your kids well.
Don’t try to do this alone. 
You need a community now and you need resources. Reach out for help. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel all by yourself. This kind of community will expand your thoughts and creativity beyond your current fears and pressure.
Focus on the heart. 
Education of the mind is important, but especially for little ones, the heart is more important. They need shepherding of the heart. Remember both the heart and the head for all your kids in this time.