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Tell Your Story + Tell The Story

"This study will train you to become more comfortable telling your personal story of faith and sharing the greatest story ever told, the Good News of Jesus Christ." - Scot Pollok

Sit With Me - Volume 1

“This study will focus on dismantling the lie of intimidation and fear when it comes to God’s Word. God longs to reveal Himself to you and the more you sit with Him, the more He speaks. The more you sit with Jesus, thinking and reading and studying God’s Word, the easier it becomes to hear God’s voice.” - Scot Pollok

Sit With Me - Volume 2

“In Sit With Me: Volume 2 you will embark on a new adventure that takes you deeper into the Scriptures. You will learn how to use a magnifying glass and then a microscope on God’s Word. In the process, you will uncover more of God’s revealed truth, direction, protection, beauty, and joy.” - Scot Pollok


"Grace is the greatest gift you’ve ever been offered. This short book is an attempt to explain and apply the profound beauty of God’s grace toward you. But, the best we can hope for from any work on God’s grace is just a good scratch on its surface." - Scot Pollok