Jimmy Magouirk

Meet Jimmy Magouirk.

I was raised in a loving Christian family, going to churches that taught God’s Word.  As a boy, I gave my life to Christ, and remember having frequent conversations with God, thanking Him for one thing after another, until I fell asleep at night, rising up the next morning happy and joyful.
As a teen, I was exposed to pornography.  My faith walk weakened as my desires for pleasure turned into lustful dating of young ladies, fast cars and motorcycles.  This lifestyle became progressively worse in college, as I purposely ignored God’s truth.  This led to a 2 year marriage ending in divorce.  I was a miserable, insecure, sinful young man, and going nowhere in life.

The Holy Spirit began showing me how void my life was of true joy and fulfillment. After college graduation, and going to work for a major oil company, God mercifully brought a Christian co-worker into my life who invited me to church.  There I felt the love of Christ once again, and was also introduced to a beautiful young lady that radiated Christ from within, named Tracy. That evening in my home, I got down on my knees, cried out to my Heavenly Father for forgiveness. I asked Him to have mercy on me, and that if it would bring glory to Him, would He please move in Tracy’s heart to befriend me. Just 4 short months later, Tracy became my wife.

A few years later, I started having serious doubts about my salvation after a sermon from Matthew 13 on the wheat and tares.  The tares resembled wheat but were really useless weeds and worthless when harvested. I saw myself as a fake man as I had lived years having a secret immoral life prior to mine and Tracy’s marriage, trying to project a good image to others. I could no longer hold up the mask. I recommitted my life to Christ.

I began to experience deliverance from my past guilt and shame, as a result of Tracy reflecting God’s grace, forgiveness and love. Finally, I was walking in freedom and my joy in the Lord return to what I experienced as a child.

Now after many years of working as an Engineer, solving problems and fixing things, I realize I cannot fix myself, or anyone else. God is “The One” that changes our hearts if we seek Him.  It is only by the Grace of God, that, I stand here today fully known, fully forgiven and fully loved.
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